Cie Greffe / Cindy Van Acker

Cie Greffe / Cindy Van Acker

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Obtus, 2009

It all begins with a hand. Two arms follow that speak of flying, head down. Tamara Bacci has taken off into “Obtus”, a solo that carries its name well for as much as the dancer begins a persistent exploration of a ray of light. Meditative gestures, slow, continuous movements, a body in peril which finds its most beautiful expressions when equilibrium is pushed to its limits. The dancer moves with exquisite precision and sensitivity, playing with a ramp of neon lights making parts or all of her body disappear.

The lighting designer Luc Gendroz created for this solo a work of volume and substance, which unsettles our perception of depth producing floating effects and playing with disappearance into the dark. Transported by the light and the sound, the choreographic material refuses to be pinned down in order to float, thereby toppling the perceptions of the spectator who, as if under a spell, links the consciousness of his own body to the body of the dancer.

In Cindy Van Acker’s work, there is always a moment where the image seems to take off even when her work is extremely connected to the ground.

For example, one can hardly forget the moment when Tamara Bacci, three limbs on the ground, lets her only arm danse.

Michèle Pralong

Compagnie Greffe/Cindy Van Acker benefits from a joint funding agreement for the period 2009-2011 from the Ville de Genève, the Canton de Genève and Pro Helvetia.


Choreography Cindy Van Acker
Performer Marthe Krummenacher
Live music Mika Vainio
Light and scenography Luc Gendroz, Victor Roy, Cindy Van Acker
Costume Aline Courvoisier
Technical director Victor Roy
Length 35 min

Creation La Bâtie, Festival of Geneva, edition 2009
Production Cie Greffe
Coproduction La Bâtie, Festival of Geneva
Administration and Tour Managing Tutu-Production, Véronique Maréchal et Simone Toendury
Photos copyright Isabelle Meister