Cie Greffe / Cindy Van Acker

Cie Greffe / Cindy Van Acker

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Drift, 2013


The word «drift» in English comports a sense of derivation but also means «anger», «eagerness» or «impulse» in Dutch. In French, it is also a geology term that denominates the materials transported by the glaciers. All those words evolve from the same Indo-European root : the «drift» is what pushes, induces and drives the action, but it will become, through mysteries of linguistic evolution, what is subjected to it. One of the latest fashionable motor sport translates the word «drift» by «controlled skid» : sliding with control, drifting without losing ground.

The concept starts with the same idea : the «drift» is an inner strength, a conductor, what is slowly imposing, what carries and is carried away, until the drift.

But the drifting also contains the pleasure of wandering and non-sense. It then matters to let oneself be guided rather than to drive, to float on the surface of those rivers carrying material pieces from a distant past, to wander and wonder, taken by the continental drift - the movement of continents.
Aude Seigne 



First it is important to point out the great pleasure with which you see, in this piece, two dancers who have worked a lot together those past years, and who know how to share the space and time of a performance until the very little and sensible consistency on micro-moving and infra-timing. Drift is exactly working on this matter : the crossing and blending of two corporalities. And this until the fusion of movements, the confusion of images, until the loss of self, the incorporation into a new transmuted entity. More than ever, Cindy Van Acker is here going inside the abstraction, into a pure and rigorous geometry, processing with light, space and human body as if they were malleable elements that could be unified. And it is with her very subtle and skilled stage companions Luc Gendroz and Victor Roy that the choreographer succeeds to produce this composite material, made of lines and surfaces, this global matter moving slowly and constantly. We feel like quoting Tim Ingold in « Lines : a brief history », Cindy Van Acker’s recent bedside reading : 

«For people inhabit a world that consists, in the first place, not of things but of lines. After all, what is a thing, or indeed a person, if not a tying together of the lines– the path of growth and movement – of all the many constituents gathered there ?»
Tim Ingold,
Une Brève histoire de lignes

Lines of the arms, the backs, the legs, extracted from the dark; the surface of the platforms from the scenography on which play the shadow and the light; constructivist geometries, progressive, reprocessing the space over and over again. If Drift means in French ‘to let oneself slide’, the word can also mean ardour or urge in Dutch : therefore there is here an interesting tension between the inertia of the drift on one side and the induction of a movement on the other. A paradox that finds its expression in a retained tempo. For the slowness of the elements choreographed by Cindy Van Acker ( bodies, cubes, lights ) fall under a sort of laissez-faire as well as a patient voluntarism, stubborn, that nothing can stop. Something like the quiet force of continental drift.

But what this abstract dance is generating is essentially a neutralization of the human body as the unequivocal sign on a stage. By juxtaposing some mixed states of the body, sometimes human, sometimes machine like, sometimes animal, by playing with triumphalist postures, neutral or defeatist, the piece cancels every clear link between sign, meaning and identity. To create some kind of strange interregnum, open another space-time continuum, to develop an unlimited perception and give to these bodies soaked in slowness a sort of renewed political force, unknown.
Michèle Pralong


Choreography Cindy Van Acker
Interpretation Tamara Bacci, Cindy Van Acker
Set design Victor Roy
Light design Luc GendrozVictor Roy
Music Vincent Haenni, Denis Rollet
Software programming Khalil Klouche
Costume VRAC
Duration 65 minutes

Photos copyright Louise Roy
Administration Aude Seigne
Tour manager Tutu Production/ Véronique Maréchal

Production Cie Greffe

Coproduction ADC Genève, Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Centre National de la Danse à Pantin, Théâtre Les Halles de Sierre, Kaaitheater à Bruxelles et Arsenic à Lausanne

Support Loterie Romande, Fondation Leenaards, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Pour-cent Culturel Migros